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  Female Sexual Disorders: A prime for the Gynecologist | 19/11/2015  

 Female sexual disorders (FSD) is a rapidly growing discipline that remains of major concern to the Gynecologists as the main providers of primary health care for women. Gynecologists are expected to be cognizant of the basics related to sexual history taking, management, and possible referrals of FSD cases. At the same time, Gynecologists need to be abreast of the evolving and accumulating research and evidence in relation to etiologies, diagnostic tools, and therapeutic modalities in FSD.

This course, directed by Dr. Faysal El Kak, is the first to be offered in Lebanon and the Region, and aims to provide to its audience basic principles in the understanding of female sexuality and offers clinical skills for approaching and managing cases of FSD when relevant.

The Course covered topics related to: FSD classification and clinical relevance, Pelvic sexual anatomy, Challenges in sexual health interview modules, Workup strategies of FSD cases, Treatment modalities available to Gynecologist, Counseling and psychotherapy.


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