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  International Society for the Study of Women's Sexual Health (ISSWSH) Annual Meeting 2017, February 23-26, 2017, Atlanta, GA, USA | 23/02/2017  

Dr. FAYSAL EL KAK (Presenter)-"Sexual communication and risky sexual practices and perceptions among university students from Lebanon" (oral presentation).

About the conference:

The theme of the scientific program is The Embodied Mind.  Speakers and topics explored the core components of the mind-body relationship as they relate to female sexual expression, physiological milieu, resilience, and change.

ISSWSH is the only society devoted to a multidisciplinary understanding of female sexuality across the lifespan and is led by a passionate group of international academics, clinicians, health professionals, and scientists who have largely shaped the field of female sexual health research. Attendees include gynecologists, sex therapists, clinical psychologists, patient advocates, physical therapists, family physicians, nurse practitioners, basic scientists, clinical researchers, sex educators, and trainees who share this passion for understanding and actively promoting female sexual health.

Topics range from the health impact of different forms of estrogen delivery (intradermal versus oral), new insights into vulvodynia etiology and treatment, and critical issues underlying symptom and disease classifications that will impact coding and future research on sexual desire and arousal disorders.



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