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The need for a better understanding of sexuality and sexual health in the Arab societies triggered members of the Youth Sexual and Reproductive Health Working Group (YSRH-WG) at the Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) at the American University of Beirut (AUB), in collaboration with colleagues from the Arab region, to establish a network of Arab Scholars on Sexuality and Sexual health (NASSS).

NASSS, founded in February 2014, is a regional network of scholars from different countries in the Arab Region working on sexuality and sexual health. Members come from various disciplines, research fields, and professional interests related to sexuality and sexual health, including the medical and public health professions, social sciences, anthropology, population and reproductive health, and community work. Members share and exchange knowledge and expertise related to sexuality, sexual health awareness, education and promotion, sexual health services advocacy, and policy guidance as pertinent to the context of each country within the framework of sexual rights as human rights.

NASSS is open to collaborate and partner with regional and international agencies and organizations (UN agencies, Private sector, CBO, and others) that seek to generate knowledge, fund/sponsor, and advocate on matters related to sexual and reproductive health.

NASSS Mission

NASSS mission is to promote sexual health and wellbeing within the context of human rights and Arab cultural diversity, through providing a forum for the exchange of knowledge and expertise on sexuality and sexual health among Arab scholars.

NASSS Objectives

Within the context of human rights and Arab cultural diversity, NASSS aims to:
  • Initiate, encourage and strengthen research on sexuality and sexual health that contributes to the understanding of sexuality and sexual health globally and in the Region
  • Integrate sexuality and sexual health (SSH) discourse and training within academic and community settings
  • Establish a database of academic and other professional resources on sexuality and sexual health in Arabic and other languages
  • Establish a forum for debate, advocacy, and discussion of SSH issues for dissemination and policy guidance
  • Connect and collaborate with other regional and international networks and agencies
NASSS disseminates its work to various target audiences, including researchers, youth, policy makers, program managers, health care professionals, health advocates and government and non-government organizations. 
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